Would you like to take out your loan in Switzerland? You are probably not Swiss, but you are looking for a loan without credit bureau, which is often advertised as a Swiss loan. Don’t you want to rely on the windy offers that the media often warn against?

Our credit advisor wants you to see real credit opportunities for Swiss credit without credit bureau. We summarize all current loan terms for you and explain who has credit opportunities and who doesn’t.

Finally, we will inform you about loan offers despite credit bureau and explain which domestic financing has the alternative.

Taking out a loan in Switzerland – unfortunately not possible as a German

Taking out a loan in Switzerland - unfortunately not possible as a German

Swiss citizens can take out a loan in Switzerland. The famous Swiss loan, also known as a housewife’s credit without credit bureau, has been from Liechtenstein since 2010. The last Swiss bank to offer credit bureau-free financing for Germans had to stop lending in 2009 at the highest judicial order. (Az. 8 C 2.09 – Credible Finance AG). Today, however, agents based in Switzerland, advertise the loan offer as a Swiss loan.

Credit bank AG, founded in 2010, has cleared the legal hurdles that stood in the way of Credible Finance AG. As far as is known, it is the only foreign credit institution that can legally offer German citizens a credit bureau-free loan. The bank does not have a representative in Germany. The transactions are carried out directly or through intermediaries. It is possible to apply for the loan without the help of a reputable intermediary. The loan does not save costs without credit bureau and without intermediaries.

The placement costs are included in the loan amount. The agency alone bears the agency fee, unless a “greedy agent tries to agree otherwise”. It is recommended to take a look at the side of the bank for all those who are only too happy to believe in lurid credit advertisements. There is no express, express, lightning, or however quickly formulated GTI loan, credit bureau-free.

The bank only offers the unique opportunity for Germans to completely exclude credit bureau from lending. Not more but also not less.

Loan offer from Liechtenstein – Take out a loan in Switzerland

Loan offer from Liechtenstein - Take out a loan in Switzerland

Interested borrowers who want to take out a loan in Switzerland know the basic numbers of the loan offer from the advertising of countless intermediaries. Small loans without credit bureau of USD 3,500 or USD 5,000 net loan amount are offered. Most are qualified for lending, due to significantly different loan terms, only for 3,500 USD.

As of April 2016, the smaller loan amount for repayment in the prescribed 40 installments costs 708 USD in financing costs. (Monthly rate 105.20 USD). The bank gives the effective annual interest rate for 3,500 USD small loan at 11.15 percent. For the variant with a net loan amount of USD 5,000, the bank calculates, repayable again in 40 installments, USD 1012 financing costs. (Monthly installments 150.30 USD). The effective annual interest rate is 11.16 percent.

Only these two small loans can be applied for. Regardless of personal wishes, the loans are always repayable in 40 equal monthly installments. In both cases, repayment does not begin until the month after next after the loan has been taken out. Therefore, advertising often speaks not of 40 installments, but of 42 months. In principle, however, it is the same.

Swiss credit – Requirements for borrowing without credit bureau

Swiss credit - Requirements for borrowing without credit bureau

If you want to take out a loan in Switzerland, you often read about credit without credit or housewife’s credit. Having to prove one’s own income subject to social security contributions above the seizure exemption punishes the housewife’s credit. (It existed until about 1980).

Lending will also not work without creditworthiness. Only the credit bureau does not play a role in the proof of creditworthiness. Creditworthiness for lending has been proven by the permanent employment relationship for at least 12 months. No ongoing seizures or assignments.

The bank also inspects the public register of debtors at the local court. There is no credit with an arrest warrant, affidavit (oath of disclosure) or bankruptcy. The Fine credit proves to be an advertising duck, since the correspondence and the application must be submitted in writing by post. The bank does not offer the fast online ID process, the trademark of real fast loans.

People can successfully take out a loan in Switzerland, for whom only bad credit bureau basically blocks access to the regular credit market.

Alternative – take out a loan in Germany

Alternative - take out a loan in Germany

Loans from Germany would also be eligible under the conditions under which borrowers could take out a loan in Switzerland.

An unfinished credit bureau entry and credit concealment without credit bureau notification.

Despite credit bureau, risk financiers offer significantly more flexible loan offers than small loans from abroad. The contact person for the loan search could be the same intermediaries who also advertise credit bureau-free financing.

People who prefer to forego traditional loan brokerage after so many negative media reports are offering serious private opportunities. Good Finance and Best Lender enjoy an impeccable reputation for arranging credit from private to private.

Instead of wanting to borrow in Switzerland, attempting to borrow through one of the market-leading portals would be much easier. Both platforms allow you to attempt a loan despite credit bureau, and the rules at Good Finance are somewhat more moderate than at Best Lender. But again, private investors do not invest without proven creditworthiness through secure repayment ability.

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