There are numerous health insurance that have the stomatology coverage that allows us to access dental care at reduced prices both within the networks associated with health insurance as well as outside.

However, stomatology coverage, as a rule, is associated with a package of coverages that, in a way, make health insurance heavy for most wallets.

Basically, only contracting basic coverages, such as hospitalization and ambulatory care, is the client’s access to stomatology coverage and, in most health insurance, with limited capital and with exclusions to certain types of care such as bleaching.

However, the insurance market has evolved and was aware that it was necessary to create an exclusive dental care insurance that would not only allow access to reduced costs for all dental interventions but would also be affordable for all regardless of financial ability or age.

It is now very easy to get dental insurance to cover all dental care needs even those that most health insurance and even the National Health Service simply exclude from treatment.


Is This Type of Insurance Advantageous

Insurance Advantageous

There are many benefits to dental insurance when hired separately from health insurance. In fact, it is possible by combining basic health insurance, which guarantees primary health care and specialty consultations, and dental insurance, get a lower annual premium than if you contract health insurance with all coverages mentioned above.

Emphasizing the most evident benefits in dental insurance are:

  • Reduction in prices in most interventions, including correction devices, bleaching, implants and dental prostheses;
  • Absence of age limits for subscription;
  • Extensive networks of clinics with pre-established agreements;
  • Free dental insurance or discounts for the remaining family members;
  • Possibility of absence of grace periods;
  • Fiscal Benefits in IRS;

For the majority of people possessing a dental insurance means saving money, since taking into account that a consultation at the dentist is around 30 euros and that today it is possible to do dental insurance for just over 5 euros a month, you only need to consult your doctor dentist five times a year for the cost of insurance to be offset.

However, for many people dental insurance is of major importance and should be hired today, as they have special dental needs, such as corrections that usually cost dozens if not hundreds of euros. They need to perform several treatments that require regular visits to the dentist or even cosmetic treatments that cost tens of euros.


When Compensation for Adhering to Dental Insurance

When Compensation for Adhering to Dental Insurance

  • Need for dental treatments involving regular visits;
  • Whenever you visit more than 4 to 5 times your dentist a year;
  • You need to do esthetic treatments;
  • It provides for a correction treatment involving a considerable amount;
  • Anything that involves considerable expense.


Before You Join What You Should Do


The Positive Balance website has an excellent article on whether it pays to join a dental insurance where in addition to many tips and recommendations already mentioned, has a small paragraph where you mention that you should perform a dental checkup before hiring dental insurance, to have notion of the expenses they will incur and to compare with the dental insurance premium.


What is the Average Price of Dental Insurance

Average Price of Dental Insurance

There are several dental insurance products on the market, with competitive prices, such as dental insurance from Liberty Seguros or ATA Ciguros, which cost 7.50 euros per month.

Also, the banks in the insurance banking area have dental insurance for their clients, for example, the Savebest bank with the Savebest dental insurance, which has a monthly payment of 7.50 euros, or the BANIF with its Arcana Insurance Company which also has dental insurance with a reasonable monthly premium.

Online, there is currently a Euronida campaign where it is possible to contract dental insurance for approximately 6 euros a month. If you want more information about this insurance see all the features of the Euronida dental insurance on the official page where you can also ask for a simulation for your case or simply more information

About Euronida dental insurance this week we will have a promotional article on all the characteristics of the same for analysis of the reader.

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